True North Initiative

True North was established by a group of concerned citizens to emphasize why Canadian laws and traditions – our foundational values of individual liberty, the rule of law, equal rights, democracy and economic freedom – are worth defending. We are an independent, citizen-led platform dedicated to promoting sound immigration and security policies in Canada.

We are a pro-immigration and pro-integration group that stands on guard for freedom, democracy, the rule of law and Canada’s proud history of openness, opportunity and standing up for what is right. We celebrate Canadian values, traditions and the rights and responsibilities that come with Canadian citizenship. Immigration makes us better, sound immigration policies are integral in sustaining our future prosperity, stability and unity.

True North is a platform for a robust discussion on immigration, security and Canada’s role in the world. We believe in immigration reform focused on promoting economic growth and maintaining Canada’s security and safety. We put Canada first.

True North draws together scholars, activists, journalists and people of all backgrounds to discuss and promote a free, open and secure society in Canada.